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Dentistry FAQ

What can I eat after a tooth extraction?

Dr. Michael Tufton answers… 

Soft Diet

Anything soft that you enjoy. Mashed potatoes, soup, a smoothie, fish, cooked vegetables, ice cream, you name it. Essentially you need to avoid anything that, once chewed, could possible have a smaller piece which could become lodged in the extraction site and become an irritant, like a potato chip. After an extraction you need food in your stomach especially if you are taking medication.

What can I do to stop a toothache until I go to the dentist?

Dr. Michael Tufton answers…

2 Tylenol and 4 Ibuprofen

The most effective means for treating pain is to take 2 extra strength Tylenol and 20 minutes later take 4 Ibuprofen (800 mg). Studies have shown that this combination of acetaminophen and NSAIDs has the same effect on pain as prescription drugs with out the effect of feeling groggy or loopy. This can be done every 4-6 hours. Remember to have something in your stomach!

Is it really bad to whiten teeth with cavities?

Dr. Michael Tufton answers…

Basic Care Before Cosmetic

Restoring decayed teeth is more important than cosmetic procedures. If left alone. decayed teeth can quickly become troublesome. If decayed areas are small and not very deep, you could whiten first, but it could be painful. Sensitivity is the most frequent complaint when whitening healthy teeth. Whitening teeth with cavities of any size could lead to pain or problems, especially since it opens the dentinal tubules in teeth.

If braces can close an open bite, why is my orthodontist recommending I get jaw surgery?

Dr. Michael Tufton answers…

Every Case is Different

Every case is different. Some open bites are due to the position of teeth, other open bites are do to your skeletal structure. A lot of open bites are a combination of both. If your orthodontist is recommending jaw surgery to correct and re-position your bite, your open bite is probably due to your skeletal structure and cannot be fixed with mere braces.

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